Welcome to Adventurers Wanted

Adventurers Wanted ceased creating content in October 2020. On this website is information about all of the company’s shows and creatives, and it will shortly be updated with links to where you can the current content company members are making.

We are a group of people who love tabletop roleplaying games, storytelling and theatre. We smash all of those things up to make shows where different groups of people create epic sagas together.

Basically, what that means is we play games, both as staged shows and as livestreams – below is information about our current games, as well as recent and upcoming streams. Click the images to watch them on Youtube!

All our shows and streams are sponsored by D&D Beyond and Ultra Pro; Undergods is also sponsored by Hero Forge.

Current Shows

A button for 'Sea of Swords: Forsaken' coming from 28th Sept
A button for the Undergods 12-part D&D campaign

Recent Shows

A button for the Icewind Dale: Corrupted 12-part D&D campaign

Take a look around for info about what we’ve donewhat we’re doingwho we are, how to get in touch with us, and how to support us.

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