New Adventures

Below are details of our current shows and streams – click the images to watch a playlist of the adventure so far!

A button for the Icewind Dale: Corrupted 12-part D&D campaign

Icewind Dale: Corrupted is a weekly 12-part campaign, inspired by the new Rime of the Frostmaiden D&D sourcebook, and sponsored by D&D Beyond and Ultra Pro.

When: every Monday from 29th June, 6pm-9pm BST
Game Masters: Chris Hislop
Player-performers: Rebecca Hare, George Lockett, Ranulph Redlin, Emma Sheard and Poe Villiers
Where: and

A button for the Undergods 12-part D&D campaign

Undergods is a monthly live show, following an ongoing D&D campaign.

In this adventure, the Undergods – a group of adventurers each descended from a different deity, gifted with unique powers – are brought together to stop a strange cult from rebuilding the Astherno Circle, a magical monument of unknown malign power.

Our trademark mix of classic storytelling, improvised scenes, fateful dice rolls and a vivid soundtrack all come together in this unpredictable and high-stakes adventure. Whether you’re a theatre-lover or a gamer, join us for a show that’s by turns hilarious, tragic and dramatic – but always surprising.

All previous live shows are available on Youtube. Undergods is generously supported by The Thornless Rose – use UnderGods10 for 10% off any order!

When: tbc (our next show will not be staged live, but recorded and streamed only)
Dungeon Master: Chloe Mashiter
Player-performers: David Alwyn, Tom Black, Sarah Griffin, Chris Hislop and Hannah Raymond-Cox
Sound operation: Chazz Redhead
Where: Rosemary Branch Theatre and
Tickets: £10 – click here to buy tickets

Do you have access requirements? Check out our FAQ page to see what our accessibility provisions are for this show.

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A button for Phantoms of Mars, a mini John Carter of Mars campaign

In our second collaboration with Modiphius, we’re playing with the newly released John Carter of Mars system. Phantoms of Mars is inspired by the published adventure that comes with the system’s sourcebook, turned here into a mini-campaign.

When: next streaming slot tba
Game Master: Chris Hislop
Player-performers: Ed Cartwright, Anna Fordham, Rebecca Hare, Toby Osmond, Justin Wells and Poe Villiers
Where: and