Past Adventures

Below are details of our past shows and streams – click the images to watch a playlist of each show’s episodes.

A button for the Icewind Dale: Corrupted 12-part D&D campaign

Icewind Dale: Corrupted was twelve-part D&D adventure, hosted on the official D&D twitch channel in Jul-Sept 2020.

In the hostile wilds of the Icewind Dales, strange things are afoot in a small mining outpost, and investigating some bizarre ooze will lead adventurers on an epic journey…

Dungeon Master: Chris Hislop
Player-performers: Rebecca Hare, George Lockett, Ranulph Redlin, Emma Sheard, Poe Villiers

A button for Untold Tales, a series of 6 D&D one-shots

Untold Tales was series of 6 D&D one-shots, taking a different party of players each week on a reimagined classic adventure.

Strange shipwrecks, deceitful dragons, pacifist priests and more are featured in these standalone adventures.

Dungeon Masters: Chloe Mashiter & Chris Hislop
Player-performers: Shamini Bundell, Rhys Lawton, Steve Rodgers, Grace Willsmer; Ed Cartwright, Pavlos Christolodou, Gerald McDermott, Chloe Mashiter; Jaya Baldwin, Anna Fordham, Evey Larham, Ranulph Redlin; Bibi June, George Lockett, Emma Sheard, David Shears; Rebecca Hare, Chris Hislop, Evey Larham, Oz Mills; Matt Chapman, Anna Dobrucki, Chazz Redhead, Justin Wells

A button for the Eberron:Terminus 4-part D&D campaign

Eberron:Terminus was a four-part D&D adventure, hosted on the official D&D twitch channel in Mar-Apr 2020.

When a member of secret organisation The Line is apparently captured whilst tracking down a rare and powerful Siberys Dragonshard on a train, a group of operatives are sent on a mission: catch up with the train, find the agent, and stop whatever dark plans are at play…

Dungeon Master: Chloe Mashiter
Player-performers: Matt Chapman, Pavlos Christolodou, Gerald McDermott, Vic Sautter and Grace Willsmer

A button for the Baldur's Gate: Framed 12-part D&D campaign

Baldur’s Gate: Framed was a 12-part D&D campaign, hosted on the official D&D twitch channel in Jan-Mar 2020.

The campaign followed a group of unlikely heroes drawn into an art heist that soon become a much more dangerous adventure, involving forces they had no idea were in play…

Dungeon Master: Chris Hislop
Player-performers: Jaya Baldwin, Shamini Bundell, Ed Cartwright, Anna Dobrucki, Steve Rodgers

A button for Encounters, a series of interconnected Star Trek Adventurers games

Adventurers Wanted: Encounters was our first collaboration with Modiphius – a series of interconnected one-shots using the Star Trek Adventures system and inspired by the new Gamma Quadrant sourcebook.

Game Master: Chris Hislop
Player-performers: Matt Chapman, Anna Fordham, Sarah Griffin, Rhys Lawton, George Lockett, Gerald McDermott, Chloe Mashiter, Chazz Redhead, Ranulph Redlin, Vic Sautter, Emma Sheard and Grace Willsmer.

Mixtape was a regular monthly show at the Market House in Brixton, before becoming a solely online stream. A different tabletop roleplaying system was featured each month, with various players and Game Masters. 

Mixtape is currently on hiatus but will be starting up again soon.

For a full list of Mixtape shows and credits, click here.

Agents of the Nine Hells was a 12-part D&D campaign, streamed weekly and hosted on the official D&D Twitch channel in Sept-Dec 2019.

The campaign follows six hellbound adventurers navigating the Lower Planes in order to stop a plot to use the Heart of Darkness to end the Blood War.

Dungeon Master: Chris Hislop
Player-performers: Shamini Bundell, Matt Chapman, Chloe Mashiter, Toby Osmond, Emma Sheard and Grace Willsmer
Guest player-performers: Johnny Chiodini, Ellie Sparrow

Omen was an ongoing D&D adventure at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, which ran April 2018-September 2019. The series of shows followed the adventures of the Viridescent Order, a strange group of monster hunters made up of an unusual array of fighters, academics, mechanical constructs and more…

Dungeon Master: Chris Hislop
Sound Designer/Operator: Chloe Mashiter
Stage Manager: Nayomie Heathcote
Player-performers: David Alwyn; Tom Black; Anna Dobrucki; Greta Gould; Sid Phoenix; Chazz Redhead; Vic Sautter; Emma Sheard; Grace Willsmer

Click here for the sound credits for this show.

Banishment was a 15 hour live show that followed a party of adventurers hired by eccentric millionaire Bryson Landgrave to try and bring an end to the curse on Cardvern Island – somewhere containing even more horrors and secrets than first suspected.

Dungeon Masters: Chris Hislop, Chloe Mashiter
Sound and Streaming: Chris Hislop, Chloe Mashiter
BSL Interpreters: Tommy Malone, Kieron McMullan
Player-Performers: Matt Chapman, Jon Gracey, Nayomie Heathcote, Gerald MacDermott, Oz Mills, Hannah Raymond-Cox, Chazz Redhead, Vivek Santayana, Emma Sheard, Bex Sherwood, Leo West and Catherine Wilson.

Banishment was sponsored by Warriors of Waterdeep and supported by Han Cholo, For Fans By Fans and Ultra Pro.

Click here for the sound credits for this show.

Rebellion was a 100 hour long epic following the people of Deriland wrestling control of their homeland away from a dark cult.

We are in the process of uploading the show’s livestream to Youtube and will post it here as soon as possible.. 

Dungeon Masters: Chris Hislop, Leo West
Stage Managers: Nayomie Heathcote, Nemo Martin
Sound Design: Chloe Mashiter
BSL interpreters: Tommy Malone, Isla Van Der Heiden

Player-performers: Hundreds of people played in Rebellion, so there are too many to list here. We are working on a list of all character names as with Odyssey!

Click here for the sound credits for this show.

Overthrow was a one-off adventure for the Vagina Museum, following four strangers captured in the eerie headquarters of a dark order who band together to stop the cult.

The playlist on the right features the recorded livestream of this game (due to technical difficulties, the livestream for this show was purely audio).

Dungeon Master: Chloe Mashiter
Sound Operator: Chris Hislop
Stage Manager: Nayomie Heathcote
Player-performers: Anna Dobrucki, Reece Lord, Vic Sautter, Florence Schechter

Click here for the sound credits for this show.

Plague was a four-part adventure made up of Infestation of The Brood (monster horror), Infection (survival horror), Resurrection (slasher horror) and The House on The Hill (Lovecraftian horror).

The playlist on the right features the recorded livestream of this game.

Dungeon Masters: Chris Hislop & Leo West
Sound Design: Chloe Mashiter
Stage Manager: Nayomie Heathcote
Player-performers: Edward Cartwright, Anna Dobrucki, Reece Lord, Chazz Redhead, Vic Sautter, Florence Schechter

Click here for the sound credits for this show.

Odyssey, our first-ever show, was a 250 hour long epic that followed the crew of the Spirit of the Horizon as they attempted to find their way home, and ended up battling Katalu. 

The playlist on the right features the recorded livestream of this game. 

Dungeon Masters: Chris Hislop, Leo West, Reece Lord, Alex Levene
Stage Managers: Chloe Mashiter, Nayomie Heathcote, Catherine Elliot
BSL interpreters: Tommy Malone, Isla Van Der Heiden

Player-performers: Hundreds of people played in Odyssey, so there are too many to list here. But click here for a full list of character names from the game!

Click here for the sound credits for this show.