We want to build a community out of everyone involved with Adventurers Wanted, whether they’re onstage, offstage, onscreen, behind the scenes, in the audience or watching online. We strive to make our shows as accessible as possible, and to stage shows and create streams that are for both theatre and gaming audiences. 

This vision of communal storytelling takes a lot of time, money and effort to run. The GMs, players and board members who work on Adventurers Wanted shows currently work for free to make them possible and freely available.

There are a few ways you can support us: through buying tickets to our live shows, subscribing to our Twitch channel, becoming a supporter on Patreon or making a one-off donation. All support and donations given are received with enormous thanks. Your support goes towards paying members of the Adventurers Wanted team, improving access to our shows and investing in tech and resources to improve both our live streams and performances.

Thank you for supporting Adventurers Wanted. Even a small donation makes a huge difference and helps us to tell better stories, with even more people!

Our Patrons and Donors

Thank you to the following people and groups who’ve generously supported Adventurers Wanted so far: Justin Wells, Sid Phoenix, Tom Black, David Alwyn, Antony Brown, Anna Dobrucki, Allanna Maitland, Gerald McDermott, George Lockett, Emma Sheard, Edward Feery, Caileigh Marshall, Chazz Redhead, James Roberston, Wolfgang Hemingway, Bruno Buss, Helen Wheeler, Leo Doulton, Bex Sherwood, Fiona Howat, Vic Sautter, Grace Willsmer, Richard Greene, Christopher Imlay, Jeremy Everett Uff, Sarah-Louise Lewis, Doug Dear, Edward Spence and Amanda DiGioia.