Who We Are

Chris Hislop – Creative Producer

Chris GMs multiple games for Adventurers Wanted, also writing adventures, adapting gaming systems and being a general go-to for system knowledge.

Chris has a wide range of experience in directing and PR for theatre – click here to read more about their work. Chris’ pronouns are he/they.

Favourite D&D class: Druid – the perfect allrounder, and you get to be a bear! *other animals are available

Chloe Mashiter – Creative Director

Chloe GMs for Adventurers Wanted, alongside various other jobs!

Chloe is a theatre- and game-maker, which normally means creating or performing in immersive or game-based shows, or writing original TTRPGs. Click here for more information about Chloe’s other work. Chloe’s pronouns are she/her.

Favourite D&D class: Bard, which she knows is cliche but there’s no point in trying to deny it.

Shamini Bundell – Social Media Director

Shamini makes films (and the occasional podcast) about science. She has worked in science communication and documentary film-making for the last ten years while also writing, directing and performing in community theatre productions on the side. Shamini discovered DnD at around 1am on December 18th 2016 and has basically not stopped playing since. Her family are very confused by it all. Shamini’s pronouns are she/her.

Favourite D&D class: Wizard because she is a nerd and obsessive note-taker.

Gerald McDermott – Technical Director

G gets paid for being a lighting technician for theatre and dance productions, locally and touring internationally. He does not get paid for producing a podcast, making comic books or maintaining a website but he still considers of these things to be part of his ‘career’. G’s pronouns are he/him.

Favourite D&D class: Artificer, because he basically already is one.

Emma Sheard – Director of Business Strategy and Planning

Emma works in the non profit sector as a Human Resources professional, with previous experience including fundraising, consultancy and specialist recruitment. Emma is studying for an MA in Human Resources and holds a BA in Natural Sciences. Emma regularly plays in a number of RPGs and DMs two long running D&D campaigns: a home brew set in the faewild and Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Emma is gender fluid and may use different pronouns on different days.

Favourite D&D class: (Swashbuckler) Rogue because sneak attack all the time!

Bibi June – trans consultant

Bibi is a non-binary poet, theatre maker and producer. They run ‘In The Works’, a spoken word theatre company. Their work focusses on liminal identities, queerness, and the impending end of the world. They love games, from board to video to role-play, and are weirdly competitive for someone who doesn’t believe in capitalism as a socioeconomic system. Originally from Amsterdam, they’re an import Glaswegian currently living in London.

Patrick Lickman – trans consultant

Patrick is an RPG writer and enthusiast based in Sheffield, UK. They love RPGs of all kinds, and spend many hours a day dreaming up new mechanics and character hooks. Patrick contributed to ‘Behind the Masc’, a zine of RPG content by and about non-cis masculine identities. They are currently writing The City of Gray, a set of D&D adventures available on the DM’s Guild. 

Poe Villiers – trans consultant

Poe is a neutral good non-binary film student and tabletop enthusiast who uses they/them pronouns! Their hobbies and interests include dogs, theatre, robots, witchcraft and eating the rich. They’re very excited to join the amazing team at Adventurers Wanted and to help provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone on the gender spectrum! 

Grace Willsmer – trans consultant

Grace is a multiple award-winning leatherworker with a background in traditional saddlery, working as a hand shoemaker and designer. They play as a regular player with Adventurers Wanted, and have slowly allowed role-playing games to take over their life over the couple of years they’ve been playing. If you can’t find them playing or running TTRPGs, you’ll find them making art inspired by them.

Ellie Sparrow – Stream Moderator

Ellie is an actor, writer and producer. She plays Celestia Stardust on Flintlocks and Fireballs as well as being head producer. She also co-founded Break the ‘Verse theatre company. 

Tommy Malone – BSL Interpreter

Tommy is not only an interpreter who ensures that the show is accessible to users of BSL (having previously worked on the first ever Adventurers Wanted show, Odyssey and later Rebellion) but he is also a die-hard D&D fan. What he finds special about the game isn’t just the roleplaying, the stats or treasure, but the people playing the game and seeing how people can utterly transform during it.

Kieron McMullan – BSL Interpreter

Kieron joined us in 2019 to – alongside Tommy – provide BSL interpretation for every single hour of the Banishment show in Edinburgh. Kieron, as well as being a qualified BSL Interpreter, also runs @Soma_Comp on twitter, which is a hub for his work translating D&D terms into signs!

Isla Van Der Heiden – BSL Interpreter

Isla is a fully qualified British Sign Language Interpreter working in Scotland. She has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since university when she discovered the game. As well as interpreting some of the 2017 Odyssey game into BSL, she played Noggin the gnome rogue dentist. She also interpreted the 2018 Rebellion game and enjoys the challenge of interpreting an improvised adventure in a made-up world into sign language to help create a show that is fully accessible to all audiences.

Regular Player Network

Adventurers Wanted also involves a network of experienced player-performers. Our past and present regular players include: Dominic Allen, David Alwyn, James Bennison, Tom Black, Ed Cartwright, Matt Chapman, Anna Dobrucki, Mark Gallie, Kirsty Geddes, Sarah Griffin, Rebecca Hare, Nayomie Heathcote, Evey Larham, Rhys Lawton, Jonny Leach, George Lockett, Reece Lord, Gerald MacDermott, Simon Maeder, Iain Marshall, James McInnes, Oz Mills, Vachel Novesha, Toby Osmond, Sid Phoenix, Hannah Raymond-Cox, Ranulph Redlin, Chazz Redhead, Steve Rodgers, Vivek Santayana, Vic Sautter, Florence Schechter, Emma Sheard, Bex Sherwood, Poe Villiers, Rachel Waring, Justin Wells, Leo West and Grace Willsmer.

Past Player Characters

Our stories and adventurers are also made by all the ticketed players who join us – for a full list of the hundreds of player characters in Adventurers Wanted: Odyssey, our debut 2017 Edinburgh Fringe production, click here!